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Join the 12 week Strongman/ woman ready course!


Included within the course…

  • 12 weeks live online coaching on truecoach.
  • 12 weeks step by step guided course, based on nutrition, mindset and training.
  • Weekly live training Q&A calls on zoom with the team to help you continuously improve throughout the course.
  • A personalised athlete pack with course worksheets & time 4 nutrition supplements sent in the post to you.
  • A private Facebook support group to ask questions, share your journey and stay motivated by others.
  • Plus access to 100s of videos and educational tools to help you study all you need to know to become the best athlete you can be. 


As a team we are passionate about bringing the best possible information with no BS strategies to become the best strength athlete you can become. We have over 60 years of experience in all the areas needed to perform at your true potential.

We are here to build you stronger in body and mind leaving no stone unturned!

Join the 12 week strongman/woman ready course today


The online programming is broken down into four 3 week blocks, taking you through different phases needed for the fundamentals of strongman/woman training. You will be taken through different systems to improve your general event skills and build your confidence ready for competition.
This is delivered to you on a user-friendly advanced training platform, directly to your phone.

Including specific videos per lift to understand the movement in greater detail, with the option to record reps and weights per lift, plus adding your own training videos for full accountability.

You will get access to the membership website with a step-by-step process of building habits, rituals and foundations to take your strength lifestyle to the next level. This will consist of 12, one week blocks of educational content with short action points to complete. Additionally to this, you will get worksheets to download, in-depth explanations and bonus content.

A huge part of this course is the tight-knit community and 24/7 support you will receive. You will get access to our private Facebook group, where you can ask questions, share wins and struggles, and generally stay motivated. You will also get access to the weekly live Q&As on zoom with the team, where you will be able to get specific individual support.

You will also get access to the main Strength in Your Pocket site, with endless educational content and methods to implement within your training. From mastering an elite athlete mindset to a detailed breakdown of events and lifts to develop your overall game. Being on the site will also give you access to lots of other content, such as professional athlete interviews, workshop content, educational podcasts and other useful resources.   

When you sign up you will also get…

  • A 1-1 Zoom call with Dean to take you through your goals and supercharge your focus and mindset.

  • A personal Athlete pack sent out in the post, including worksheets for the course, Time4Nutrition supplements and discount codes for our trusted affiliates.

  • Also a 50% off voucher to Deans in-person ‘Ultimate Athlete Workshop’.

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join the 12 week strongman/woman ready course today!